[publication] Mobile Learning as a chance to enhance education in developing countries – on the example of Ghana

Our contribution to the mlearn 2012 conference in Helsinki, Finland is now online available. Margarete presented their her PhD-Work about the issue „mLearning in Sub Sahara Africa“.

Education has become one of the biggest public enterprises in Ghana, taking about 11 percent of the GDP, enrolling about a quarter of the population in schools and other educational services (EDU 2011). The need for content, the demands of young people, requesting material for self-conducted learning, the lack of teachers, the small proportion of trained teachers and the lack of equipment in schools in rural areas are a huge challenge. The advancement of technology and high mobile penetration rates in developing countries has broadened the horizon of education. One possibility to overcome the problems is the application of the concept of mobile learning (called m-Learning). At first, it is required to describe the current situation in Ghana; this includes the identification of stakeholders as well as corresponding and influencing factors, which have to be taken in consideration when planning a holistic m-Learning-model for Ghana. M-Learning implies inherently a chance in the didactical approach. In the next step, together with a group of teachers in Ghana, research will be done, aiming at the implementation of a sustainable m-Learning concept for secondary education. Integrating teachers in the first phase is a necessity, since it supports the development of a pedagogical concept, which is necessary for a change in pedagogical practice to integrate m-Learning in daily practice.

Reference: Grimus, M.; Ebner, M.; Holzinger, A. (2013) Mobile Learning as a chance to enhance education in developing countries – on the example of Ghana; mLearn 2012 Conference Proceedings; Specht, M., Sharples, M., Multisilta, J. (Ed.), Helsinki, Finland, p. 340-345, ISSN 1613-073, Volume 955, https://ceur-ws.org/Vol-955/

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