[publication] Potential of EPUB3 for Digital Textbooks in Higher Education

Our publication about “Potential of EPUB3 for Digital Textbooks in Higher Education” at this year EC-TEL conference is now available.

The e-book market is currently in a strong upswing. This research study deals with the question which practical uses the e-book format EPUB3 offers for (higher) education. By means of a didactic content analysis, a range of interactive exercise types were developed as a result of conversations with teachers. For this purpose, a didactic and technical concept has been developed. Different kinds of exercises were prototypically implemented in an e-book. In summary, it can be remarked that EPUB3 is suitable for a variety of different exercises and that it is able to serve as a basic format for forthcoming digital textbooks. Furthermore the openness of EPUB3 will assist Open Learning and Teaching in a meaningful way.

Reference: Gailer, C., Ebner, M., Kopp, M., Lackner, E., Raunig, M., Scerbakov, A. (2014) Potential of EPUB3 for Digital Textbooks in Higher Education. In: Open Learning and Teaching in Educational Communities. Rensing, C., de Freitas, S., Ley, T., Muñoz-Merino, P. J. (Ed.). Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8719, Springer 2014, pp. 564-565

[Link to .pdf at Springer]

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