[publication] What is Learning Analytics about? A Survey of Different Methods Used in 2013-2015 #LearningAnalytics #tugraz

Our publication about “What is Learning Analytics about? A Survey of Different Methods Used in 2013-2015” for this year Smart Learning Excellence Conference in Dubai is now online available. The slides have been already published here.

The area of Learning Analytics has developed enormously since the first International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) in 2011. It is a field that combines different disciplines such as computer science, statistics, psychology and pedagogy to achieve its intended objectives. The main goals illustrate in creating convenient interventions on learning as well as its environment and the final optimization about learning domain’s stakeholders (Khalil & Ebner, 2015b). Because the field matures and is now adapted in diverse educational settings, we believe there is a pressing need to list its own research methods and specify its objectives and dilemmas. This paper surveys publications from Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference from 2013 to 2015 and lists the significant research areas in this sphere. We consider the method profile and classify them into seven different categories with a brief description on each. Furthermore, we show the most cited method categories using Google scholar. Finally, the authors raise the challenges and constraints that affect its ethical approach through the meta-analysis study. It is believed that this paper will help researchers to identify the common methods used in Learning Analytics, and it will assist by establishing a future forecast towards new research work taking into account the privacy and ethical issues of this strongly emerged field.

[Full text @ ResearchGate]

Khalil, M., Ebner, M. (2016). What is Learning Analytics about? A Survey of Different Methods Used in 2013-2015. Conference proceeding of the 8th e-Learning Excellence Conference, 2016. Dubai, UAE. pp. 1-12

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