[publication] TwitterSuitcase – How to Make Twitter Useful for Event/Lecture Participants #research #twitter

Our publication about “TwitterSuitcase – How to Make Twitter Useful for Event/Lecture Participants” got published right now.


This publication introduces a tool for analysis and visualization of tweets for a particular event. Recently, many related studies have analysed and extracted information from social media such as Twitter. However, the majority of those approaches are aiming at providing specific content-based information. The objective of this research work is to provide an overview of data collection for a specific event by analysing and visualizing all collected tweets. Furthermore, this paper will focus on applying the outlined approach when using Twitter during conferences and determining what kind of information is used for some specific event.
Two Twitter events have been created for this purpose and the obtained results are presented, explained and discussed. The result of data processing represents a summary of a Twitter event and allows an overview of various information such as the most popular hashtags, users who tweet the most, the most published links, list of all used software platforms, etc. It also includes a timeline of tweets in terms of years, months, days and hours depending on duration of events. Finally, the future of Twitter and the visualization of its data is discussed

[Draft @ ResearchGate]

Reference: Ebner. M., Harmandic, S. (2016) TwitterSuitcase – How to Make Twitter Useful for Event/Lecture Participants. In: Wallace, K. (Ed.). Learning Environments: Emerging Theories, Applications and Future Directions, Nova publishers, pp. 175 – 196, ISBN 978-1-63484-893-0

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