[publication] How Inverse Blended Learning Can Turn Up Learning with MOOCs? #imoox #InverseBlendedLearning

We did a publication about “How Inverse Blended Learning Can Turn Up Learning with MOOCs?” for this year MOOC-Maker conference and reported about our sucessful MOOC-strategy Inverse Blended Learning.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been a hype in technology enhanced learning systems the last couple of years. The promises behind MOOCs stand on delivering free and open education to the public, as well as training a large criterion of students. However, MOOCs clashes severely with students dropout which by then forced educationalists to deeply think of MOOCs effectivity from all angles. As a result, the authors of this paper pro-pose a pedagogical idea that strongly depends on injecting the online learning (MOOC) with face-to-face sessions to refresh the students minds as well as in-tegrating them in the real learning process. The authors after that analyze the re-sults of their experiment using Learning Analytics. The outcomes have shown a new record of certification ratio (35.4%), an improvement of student interaction in the MOOC platform, and a manifest in social interaction in the MOOC dis-cussion forum.

[Full paper @ CEUR-WS]

[Full paper @ Reserarchgate]

Reference: Ebner, M., Khalil, M., Schön, S., Gütl, C., Aschemann, B., Frei, W., Röthler, D. (2017) How Inverse Blended Learning Can Turn Up Learning with MOOCs? In: Proceedings of the International Conference MOOC-MAKER 2017. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, November 16-17, 2017, pp. 21-30

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