[edmedia] Special Interest Group Emerging Technologies for Learning and Teaching #research

I am very happy to be again responsible for the Special Interest Group (SIG) about “Emerging Technologies for Learning and Teaching” at next year ED-Media Conference in Amsterdam. I also changed the program a little bit, from just a discussing part to a more interactive one. Our main goal will be to establish guided tours for those who are interested in emerging technologies.

Procedure of the SIG

  • June 2019: Scanning of research work within the conference program which might be from interest for SIG participants
  • June 25th: SIG meeting at the conference where SIG chair will introduce to those works and provide a possible conference guide to those presentations. Discussion about the chosen research work
  • Conference 2019: SIG participants will participate the suggested presentations and vote for them online from the perspective of an innovative and emerging technologies.

Anyway, I would love to see you in Amsterdam 🙂

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