[ijet, journal] Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Vol. 14 / No. 23 #ijet #research

Issue 14(23) of our journal on emerging technologies for learning got published. Enjoy the readings as usual for free :-).

Table of Contents:

  • Development of Tasks with Art Elements for Teaching Engineers in English for Specific Purposes Classroom
  • Blended Learning of Physics in the Context of the Professional Development of Teachers
  • Using Relative Tie Strength to Identify Core Teams of Scientific Research
  • Mobile Serious Game Design using User Experience: Modeling of Software Product Line Variability
  • The Optimum Equilibrium when Using Experiments in Teaching – Where Virtual and Real Labs Stand in Science and Engineering Teaching Practice
  • An Approach to Evaluate Program Outcomes and Program Educational Objectives through Direct and Indirect Assessment Tools
  • Mining the Students’ Chat Conversations in a Personalized e-Learning Environment
  • System Architecture of a Student Relationship Management System using Internet of Things to collect Digital Footprint of Higher Education Institutions
  • Development of a Quiz – Implementation of a (Self-) Assessment Tool and its Integration in Moodle
  • Tangible User Interface to Facilitate Learning of Trigonometry
  • A New Algorithm to Detect and Evaluate Learning Communities in Social Networks: Facebook Groups
  • The Relation Between the Three Dimensions of the Community of Inquiry and the Learning Styles of Students in a Distance Education Programme
  • Methodologies Gamified as Didactic Resources for Social Sciences
  • AModelling of Music Learning Process Based on Knowledge Sharing
  • Individualized Teaching and Teaching Process Evaluation for International Trade Students Based on Information Techniques
  • The Use of Bring Your Own Device-based Learning to Measure Student Algebraic Thinking Ability
  • Cloud Synergetic Recommendation Model for Overseas Chinese Education by Modeling Multi-Source User Metaphor Information
  • An Attack-Defense Tree on e-Exam System
  • Study Results of University Students in the Context of Experiencing Positive Emotions, Satisfaction and Happiness

[Link to Issue 14/23]

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become a reviewer for the journal, please just contact me :-).

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