[ijet, journal] Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Vol. 16 / No. 18 #ijet #research

Issue 16(18) of our journal on emerging technologies for learning got published. Enjoy the readings as usual for free :-).

Table of Contents:

  • Critical Success Factors in Accepting Technology in the Classroom
  • A First Experience of Using Failure Report as a Reflective Tool in Engineering Education
  • Online Learning in Egyptian Universities Post COVID-19 Pandemic: A Student’s Perspective
  • A Design of Personal Learning Network on Social Networking Tools with Gamification for Professional Experience
  • Conceptual Approaches of Prospective Pedagogy
  • The Challenges of Initial Teacher Training
  • A Research-Based Smart Classroom in An Exercise Physiology Course
  • Design of Computerized Adaptive Testing Module into Our Dynamic Adaptive Hypermedia System
  • Application of Virtual Scenario Teaching in Spoken English Teaching
  • Quantitative Analysis on the Evaluation Indicators of Teaching Abilities of Physical Education Teachers in Colleges and Universities
  • Comprehensive Evaluation for Teaching Quality of College Faculty
  • Design and Implementation of An Intelligent Classroom Teaching System for Music Class Based on Internet of Things
  • An Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-Based Learning Agent for Classifying Learning Styles in Self-Regulated Smart Learning Environment
  • Adoption of Chatbots for Learning among University Students: Role of Perceived Convenience and Enhanced Performance
  • Qualitative Development of Students’ Digital Skills by Integrating a Spreadsheet Software in First Year Introduction to Engineering and Seminar Course
  • The Effect of Computer Software Interaction on Students Cognitive Abilities Enhancement: The Case of Engineering Educators’ Perspective
  • Informal Science Pedagogical Innovation to Promote Understanding of Technology Application in Fluids Mechanics
  • Answer-Aware Question Generation from Tabular and Textual Data using T5
  • Perceptions of Non-English Major College Students on Learning English Vocabulary with Gamified Apps

[Link to Issue 16/18]

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become a reviewer for the journal, please just contact me :-).

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