2 Antworten auf „[publication] Has Web 2.0 Reached the Educated Top?“

  1. Thank you for the interesting data that I’d like to share. Most of what you say about the trending social network coincides with my daily class practice (NB: in high secondary Italian schools) and university students as well. Facebook seems to account for great part in communication among peers, as a sharing repository of material obtained through YouTube. When I suggested my students (16-19 yrs old) to choose a platform for sharing ideas and works (Google Groups, Wave, Ning, Wikispaces, ie), my students told me that Facebook could be the alternative.
    As you rightly noted, Twitter is hardly known and even less used: this coincides with an international trend (Twitter for adult professionals, aged 40 and over), while Skype is still little used (maybe because of poor internet data plans by companies?).
    Please, let me know if these lines may be of some help to you.
    Best Wishes for this Summer!

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