[publication] First Experiences with OLPC in European Classrooms

Our publication on “First Experiences with OLPC in European Classrooms” is now online as Draftversion available.

For many years now E-learning researchers have been discussing the use of laptops in educational settings. The One Laptop per Child project, (OLPC project), has been used in developing countries since the year 2002 to avoid the increase of the digital divide between those with ready access to technology and those with limited access. Austria has become one of the first countries in the European Union (EU) to start an OLPC-project of its own. The focus of the project was on the use of digital devices in education at elementary school level. Accompanied by a solid research team, which brought teachers, e-learning experts and a software developer together, a first attempt was established. This article will describe the preliminary work and the first real life setting of this project, concluding with the experiences of the whole research group. It will also summarize a recommendation for the transfer of the project to developing countries.

First Experiences with OLPC in European Classrooms

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Reference: Ebner, M., Dorfinger, J. & Neuper, W. (2011). First Experiences With OLPC in European Classrooms. International Journal on E-­Learning, 10(4), 343-­‐364. Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

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