[publication] How Open Content Servers Can Be Made Beneficial for Learning and Education

OER and open content is of course also a technical challenges. Here are some suggestions by Sandra Schön, Nicolai Scerbakov and me.

The development of Open Educational Resources (OER) is necessary for the classroom of tomorrow. Especially in Central Europe the copyright law does not allow the use of not-licensed content located in the Internet for educational purposes. Therefore different projects and initiatives started to provide Internet platforms with free educational resources or links to such resources. For educators as well as learners searching for open content on several platforms can be very exhausting. In this publication we present a first prototype for mobile devices that allow users to find open educational resources in minutes. In the discussion, benefits and handicaps of the approach are pointed out. The research work shows that the application supports the daily life of teachers and learners.

How Open Content Servers Can Be Made Beneficial for Learning and Education by Martin

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Reference: Ebner, Martin; Scerbakov, Nicolai & Schön, Sandra (2014). How open content servers an be made beneficial for learning and teaching. In: Transactions on Internet Research, vol.10, no.2 , pp. 26-30

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