[publication] Use of Learning-Analytics-Applications in Mathematic with Elementary Learners #LearningAnalytics

Our paper about “Use of Learning-Analytics-Applications in Mathematic with Elementary Learners” got published in the International Journal of Academic Research in Education.

This paper describes a study about the use of learning analytical applications in everyday school life. The research study took place in an Austrian secondary school during the mathematics courses. The subjects of the courses were the four basic arithmetical operations in the set of the natural numbers. All together two mathematics classes with 46 children at the age of 10 to 11 participated in this study. The aim was to test the usefulness of mathematics trainers, developed by the University of Technology in Graz, under real conditions. Therefore, one of the classes was determined as the experimental group, which studied with the mathematics trainers. The other class was set as the control group. This class operated with traditional exercise sheets. A pre-test and post-test control-group study indicated that the use of mathematics trainers does not decrease learning outcomes, but it points out other benefits during the whole learning arrangement. These advantages include error analysis, time saving in comparing the homework and enjoying the work with the trainers.

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Reference: Ebner, M. & Pronegg, M. (2015). Use of Learning Analytics Applications in Mathematics with Elementary Learners. International Journal of Academic Research in Education, 1(2), 26‐39. DOI: 10.17985/ijare.37247

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