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We are very happy that we can announce that our third excellence MOOC from Graz University of Technology is starting today at iMooX.at. The topic is “Atlas of Digital Architecture” and offers an orientation to the myriad ways in which computers are used in architecture today, such as: 3D Modelling and CAD; Rendering and Visualisation; Scripting, Typography, Text & Code; Digital Manufacturing and Model Making; GIS, BIM, Simulation, and Big Data & Machine Learning, to name but these. 

Digital technology and architecture have become inseparable, with new approaches and methodologies not just affecting the workflows and practice of architects, but shaping the very character of architecture. This MOOC is named after and based on the Atlas of Digital Architecture, a compendious textbook about the myriad ways in which computers are used in architecture today. Through a series of engaging, episodic online lectures and discussions, the MOOC offers an introduction and orientation to the fascinating and fast changing world of digital architecture.
The Atlas of Digital Architecture, the book that this MOOC is based on,  brings together the knowledge of two dozen university professors and lecturers from the German speaking world, many of whom feature in this MOOC, sharing their vast range of expertise. The book was written by London-based writer Sebastian Michael who also acts as the presenter of the course in the videos.
This is the first of five MOOCs that the group is preparing to eventually represent the whole thematic breadth of the book. Each episode provides both a historical perspective and a conceptual outlook to convey a sense of continuity between past, present, and future. Going beyond the confines of the traditional textbook, the Atlas also postulates a theoretical framework for architecture in the 21st century, which is reflected in this MOOC.
The MOOC is mostly in English, though German is spoken in some of the discussions and lectures. Note that subtitles in both English and German are available throughout for all videos.

Here you can find the trailer of the MOOC:


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