[publication] Analysis of Students’ Behavior Watching iMooX Courses with Interactive Elements #mooc

We published an article about “Analysis of Students’ Behavior Watching iMooX Courses with Interactive Elements” in the iJET-Journal:

Digital learning technologies are becoming increasingly important for our modern educational system. In addition to teaching methods that incorporate interactivity, these approaches benefit students’ overall learning experience and success by enhancing their attention and fostering a positive attitude towards the learning content being presented. Interactivity comes in various forms, and while a combination of distinct activities is beneficial, some are more effective at engaging students. Using digital technologies in an educational environment opens up new possibilities for students, teachers, and researchers. It provides new insights into learning behavior and enables the collection of interaction information. This data could, for example, show how often a video was paused or at what point students lost interest and left, but gaining such knowledge requires further processing. The use of visualizations that depict behavior, such as the change of attention over time, can be an effective way to present extracted information. Therefore, our research focuses on developing an application that enables us to generate various visualizations from the collected data. A single command-line input will be sufficient to create them. Furthermore, a video course was created from which we collected behavioral data. Our results aim to showcase the benefits of interactivity, and that the created figures can be used for data evaluation verifies the versatility of the generated visualizations

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[full article @ ResearchGate]

Reference: Dohr, D., Wachtler, J., & Ebner, M. (2023). Analysis of Students’ Behavior Watching iMooX Courses with Interactive Elements. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(24), pp. 4–18. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v18i24.46455

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