[ijet, journal] Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Vol. 16 / No. 16 #ijet #research

Issue 16(16) of our journal on emerging technologies for learning got published. Enjoy the readings as usual for free :-).

Table of Contents:

  • Evaluating Feasibility and Effectiveness of Digital Game-Based Instructional Technology
  • A Blended Grammar Learning System Featuring Unsupervised Pattern Discovery
  • Simple Technology is an Improved Solution for a Post-Pandemic Informative System: A Reference Model
  • An Intelligent Assessment System of Teaching Competency for Pre-service Teachers Based on AHP-BP Method
  • Influence of Entrepreneurship Education on Employment Quality and Employment Willingness
  • Development of Students’ Pedagogical Abilities through Socio-Psychological Training
  • Pedagogical Mediation and Complexity. A Perspective on the Training of Economists
  • Comprehensive Application of Spatial and Reasoned Thinking in Physical Education
  • A New Music Teaching Mode Based on Computer Automatic Matching Technology
  • Research in the Classroom: The Teaching of Economics and Gamification
  • Web-Based Learning Under Tacit Mining of Various Data Sources
  • Adopting A New Hybrid Force Model: A Survey During Covid-19 In Indian Higher Education
  • Integrating the Webinar as a Tool to Support Adult Training: A Case Study on the Training for Entrepreneurs of SMEs in Thailand
  • Testing an Immersive Virtual Environment for Decreasing Intergroup Anxiety among University Students: An Interpersonal Perspective
  • The Digital Educational Environment: The Problem of Its Accessibility for Visually Impaired Students
  • Using Serious Games and Video Materials in Clinical Training in Nursing and Midwifery Education
  • Virtualization of Teaching and Learning of Engineering Students and its Impact on Self-Perception of Attitude Acquisition, in the Context of COVID-19
  • Applying Collaborative Learning for Enhancing the Teaching-Learning Process in Online Learning through Social Media

[Link to Issue 16/16]

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become a reviewer for the journal, please just contact me :-).

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