[publication] Mobile Information Access in Higher Education

Unser Beitrag bei der heurigen E-Learn Conference über den mobilen Zugang zum Lernmanagesystem ist nun hier online verfügbar.

This paper describes the implementation and integration of a m-Learning interface into the existing University-wide e-Learning System. Thereby existing content and information from the e-learning environment is automatically styled and provided in a way, which is accessible for most mobile devices. Incompatible content is filtered out. The system has been developed at the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media (IICM) of Graz University of Technology with a special focus on the needs of engineering students. The approach integrates the possibilities of current mobile and wireless computing technology with the efficient delivery of information, content and interaction.
This paper will describe the system as well as encourage discussion, although far from m-Learning scenarios – how this kind of mobile access to information and content can be used to support students in higher education.

Referenz: Ebner, M., Scerbakov, N., Stickel, C., Maurer, H. (2008) Mobile Information Access in Higher Education, Proceedings of E-Learn 2008, Las Vegas, p. 777-782, 2008

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