[keynote] 9th International Conference on Computer Technology Applications (ICCTA 2023) #conference #research

Martin is invited to give a keynote talk at 9th International Conference on Computer Technology Applications (ICCTA 2023) in May 2023. He will give an overview and insights about our running projects on MOOCs, Learning Analytics and Open Educational Resources.

Abstract of the talk:
In this talk the different research fields of MOOCs, Learning Analytics and OER are addressed and brought together. Over a couple of years now, different proponents announcing MOOS or OER or Learning Analytics. Nevertheless, the idea is to put all the research results together and provide it as a service for education, especially in Higher Education.
Using the example from Graz University of Technology the talk will provide insights how we can deal with it in the future based on research findings and hands-on experiences with real student data.

We would be happy if you join us in Vienna next year: [conference website]

With this announcement I would like to wish you merry christmas and a happy, healthy year 2023 – I will be back after my holidays in January 2023. Hopefully we got a little bit of snow in our mountains, because I would love to make some tours with my skis 🙂
Feel free to take a look to my tour descriptions to get an idea what I am taking about: [Link to profile @ Alpenverein]

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