[publication] iPhone/iPad Human Interface Design

Our workshop proposal on “iPhone/iPad Human Interface Design” held at the 6th Symposium (USAB 2010) of the Workgroup HCI&UE of the Austrian Computer Society in Carinthia (Southern Austria) is now online. The slides are already available here and also a short video summary.


In this tutorial, we will present the Human Interface Guidelines for both iPhone and iPad and offer hands-on experience in designing user interfaces for these devices. We will also discuss how to integrate the guidelines in higher education and give examples from our lecture on iPhone application development. The goal of the tutorial is to provide the participants with a basic understanding of the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines and enable them to review and design iPhone apps according to the standards.

Reference: Ebner, M.; Kolbitsch, J.; Stickel, C. (2010) iPhone / iPad Human Interface Design. – in: Human-Computer Interaction in Work & Learning, Life & Leisure, pp. 489 – 492

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